Selective Logging

Hawthorne Park is located between the Surrey neighbourhoods of Guildford and Whalley. In November 2017, the City of Surrey approved the 105 Avenue Connector project to cut directly through the park resulting in the removal of a large number of trees and the destruction of delicate ecosystems.

As the project proceed, residents in the neighbourhood formed the “Save Hawthorne Park” group, and organized to oppose the project.

The photographer visited the site on the days leading up to the removal of the trees and interviewed nearby residents. Residents were asked to think about the process of selective logging in which some trees are removed and some are left, and to consider this as a metaphor for their feelings about their neighbourhood in the context of the 105 Avenue Connector project.

“As your forest is removed, what feelings about your neighbourhood are also being taken away? What feelings remain?”

The prominent themes were then printed and mounted on fallen or upright trees on site, according to how residents reported those feelings had been “selectively logged.”