Before the Trees Had Numbers


Owls called out in the night. Good-bye 1671.
Winds thundered through your boughs. Good-bye 1675.
You cooled the air we breath. Good-bye 1690.
Lush ferns thrived in your shade. Good-bye 1694.
Birds sang their morning songs. Good-bye 1708.
Bats swooped through the evening sky. Good-bye 1674.
Sunlight danced on your leaves. Good-bye 1680.
Coyotes took shelter in your midst. Good-bye 1691.
Children played capture the flag. Good-bye 1703.
Rain made you grow so strong. Good-bye 1709.

Now all the trees have numbers and the end is looming near.
Farewell old friends and sorry you won’t live another year.

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