We invite you to submit photographs to this project. Here are some suggestions:

Select a site

Select a location in Surrey that you have an emotional connection to and that has been the site of some form of ecological destruction.

Decided on how to “grieve” the site

This is a personal process, so the way in which you choose to do the rest of the process will depend on who you are and how you’ve been affected.

You may choose to visit the site on your own or with a close friend, or you may choose to invite a crowd and create a public event. In order to tie in with this project, we ask that you leave the words “I grieve” at the site in some way. You may choose to write it ahead of time on a natural, biodegradable object such as a piece of wood or clay and leave it at the site. You may choose to write it with marker on a tree stump. You may choose to unfurl a giant banner. Whatever form you choose and however discretely or publically you choose to display it is up to you.

You can see some photographs of sample “I grieve” markers here.

Take photographs

You will need at least one photograph of the “I grieve” marker, and one general photograph of the site. High resolution is preferred, but not necessary. We ask that you avoid capturing any identifying information such as faces or license plates in the photos.

Send us your information

Send us the two photos of the marker and site along with the address of the location.

If you are unsure of the address, you can search for it on the City of Surrey Mapping Online System (COSMOS). Select “Property Map” on the front page and search for your location. If that doesn’t work, simply send a description of where the site is and we will do our best to place it accurately on the map.

If you have additional pictures that you would like to share, or more that you would like to say about your experience, we invite you to submit a blog entry. Blog submissions may be revised for length and content. If revisions are needed, the proposed draft will be sent to you for final approval.

You may also choose to share your photos on Twitter. If you include our Twitter account (@SurreyGrieves) in your post, we’ll re-tweet you! Be aware that photos share via social media will be linked to your profile and will not be confidential.

Tell your friends and do another site

We invite you to share this project with your friends and invite others to participate. You are welcome to do as many sites as you wish.